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There is no Open Burning starting on May 10th 2022

Open burning will not resume until October 20th 2022

The city of Kendrick follows the Idaho Department of Lands no burn dates: May 10th till October 20th 2022. No permits are issued in the City of Kendrick.

Kendrick Ordinance: 4-1-11: Burning:

A: Restricted: The burning of substances of any kind within the city is hereby prohibited during those periods when burning is prohibited or restricted by the department of lands and/or department of forestry of the state of Idaho, or it is determined that burning could be detrimental to the health or well-being of city inhabitants.

B: Violation Penalty: Any violations of this section shall be deemed a public nuisance and a violation of this chapter and shall be subjected to the penalties for the same as herein provided. (Ord.611, 2-10-1987. Eff. 2-10-1987)

Please use the Refuse container for grass, branches and tree clippings located near City Hall.

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